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ADRC Group Walk Hazard Appraisal

After much deliberation and consultation with our insurers over recent times the ADRC Committee has reluctantly come to the conclusion that a “Group Walk Hazard Appraisal” form must be completed by the walk leader(s) for every Club walk that they lead, and that the form must pre-date the walk. The form is essential in order to show that we are acting responsibly and are doing our best to provide safe walks in these difficult times. Crucially however, failure to provide this form in the event of a claim arising from an incident on a Club walk is likely to invalidate any such claim.

The form is available to download from the “Members Area/Documentation” page of the Club website. Please click on the link “Other General Documents” which will open the index. Alternatively use this direct link:

ADRC Group Walk Hazard Appraisal

Thank you,
ADRC Committee.

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