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ADRC – “Tier 3” Walking

Please note that as we have now as a Club moved into Tier 3 of the Covid restrictions all our walks will, until further notice and whenever possible, have to take place within the Greater Manchester boundary. The November circular will soon be released, but this will only show the walks that have been discussed by the Sunday and Wednesday walks organisers, at length, and deemed to be acceptable. Those same organisers are currently busy trying to arrange more walks and leaders to fill the gaps created by the walks that have had to be scrapped. Details of these alternative walks will be notified to you via e-mail and the website. Please check both the website and your e-mail inbox/spam box on a regular basis for updates. In addition to this, all the leaders for November whose walks have had to be scrapped have been/are being contacted directly in order that they are aware of the situation.

With regard to Members travelling from outside the Greater Manchester Area to participate on a walk inside, the general Government advice, and this is advice only, is that you should not do so. Your Club however cannot/does not wish to, enforce this and the decision is left with you.

Please bear with us at this difficult time.

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