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ADRC Walking Activities – Restart 2

Please note that all Club walking activities will restart for the second time on Sunday 11.10.20. All walks are as per the current circulars.

We are currently in a very fluid situation in which things are changing daily. Any such changes will be reviewed by your Committee, and if required appropriate action will be taken. Please bear with us. The recent slight pause in our activities came about due to a challenge to our interpretation of the information that is circulating on the internet and in the news regarding group meetings and therefore group walking. This challenge came from beyond our Club and your Committee were therefore obliged to recheck our position. This exercise has now been completed and please be assured that prior to the recent pause, ADRC have acted legally and within the relevant restrictions framework, and we will continue to do so following the above restart date. The links below show the relevant documents obtained during the recheck exercise. Please click on any of these links to view and/or download the document.

ADRC Covid-19 Howdens Insurance Mail
ADRC Covid-19 Sport England Mail
ADRC Guidance on Covid Exemptions – Greater Manchester

In order to continue to have group walks within the framework of ADRC you are advised of the following:

  1. We reiterate very strongly to all Members and any guests of Members the need to abide by the Covid-19 precautions that we already have in place.
  2. We insist that walks are pre-booked with leaders and where guests or potential new members are brought along contact details should be provided before the walk day.
  3.  In the event of being challenged whilst on a Club walk, all members are encouraged to carry their membership cards, but especially the walk leader(s) who should perhaps also take along copies, either digitised or in hard copy format, of the 3 documents outlined above, which show our permission to carry out our organised walks


Enjoy your walks.

Thank you.

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