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Listed below are links which, when clicked, will take you to  various “albums” which show photographs taken by Club Members from walks, walking events and social events which the Club has organised in the past. This page and the associated links are where you will now find photographs which have been removed from the main site in order to provide room for new content, or where the photographs warranted an independent album.

Subject to available content the photographs contained in the albums, reached by clicking the links below, and the photographs contained on the main “Current Gallery” page will be regularly updated.

2019 Christmas Walk and Lunch Events
2019 Thanksgiving Lunch
2019 President’s Walk and Lunch Event
2019 Picnic In The Park
2018 Christmas Walk and Lunch Events
2018 Halloween Lunch at the Hanging Gate
2018 Blackpool Illuminations Trip
2018 President’s Walk and Lunch Event
2017 Roaring Twenties Evening
2017 Christmas Walk & Lunch Events
2016 Christmas At Blaze Farm
2016 New Year’s Eve Party

Margaret Ledger Dedication Day 24.09.17

2019 Club Walking Holiday at Weston-super-Mare
2018 Club Walking Holiday at Tenby
2017 Club Walking Holiday at Torquay and Dartmoor
2016 Club Walking Holiday at the Isle of Wight
2015 Club Walking Holiday at Criccieth

Coach Trip Images

General Images From Club Walks and Other Related Events

The following links are where you will now find photographs which were taken by members during the 60th Anniversary Celebration walks and social events.

03.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Memorabilia Evening
04.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Dedication Walk – Benefactors Bench
08.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – “The President’s Walk And Lunch”
11.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – “Party In The Park”
11.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Marjorie Wood Dedication Walk
14.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – George Rochford Dedication Walk
14.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Harold Corby and Others – Dedication Walk
18.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Visit to the Founder’s Bench
21.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Stan Davies Dedication Walk
23.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Celebration Dinner
25.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Harold & Trixie Wilcock & Eddie Foden Dedication Walk
28.09.16 – 60th Anniversary Celebrations – Herbert Thistlewaite Dedication Walk









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