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Re-commencement of Club Walking Activities – AMENDMENT

Please note that since the last communication on the re-commencement of Club walking activities the Ramblers Association have updated their website “coronavirus advice” and the key wording is as below:

“The UK government roadmap for lifting lockdown means people in England can walk outside in groups of six from Monday 29 March. We are working towards starting Ramblers organised walks and activities from Monday 12 April”.

As we have followed the Ramblers Association’s lead throughout the previous lockdowns and restrictions it has been determined that ADRC will again follow this lead. As a result the revised date for the re-commencement of ADRC walking activities is now Wednesday, April 14th. We are again assuming, as are Ramblers, that we/they  will be exempt from the rule of six and that groups of up to 30 will be allowed.

A circular for April will be sent for printing later this evening, 22nd, and will reflect the above new date for re-commencing our walks, with the first Club walks now taking place on Wednesday, April 14th. This circular will be on the website soon, and will be quickly followed by the posting of hard copies for non-internet enabled Members.

Should anything of the above need to be changed you will be notified accordingly, so please check the website, your e-mail inbox and your e-mail spam box regularly for updates.

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