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Re-Commencement of Club Walking Activities

The following statement appeared on the Ramblers Association website on 30.07.20

“We are delighted some Ramblers volunteering activities have been able to begin again as lockdown restrictions ease. As of 30 July, this includes group walks of up to 30 people in England and Wales. Group walks in Scotland remain limited to 15 people from five households.”

Since the start of lockdown the Club has used the Ramblers Association as the national benchmark for what should be happening in terms of the re-commencement of group walking activities and we have been monitoring their website and statements accordingly. Further to this the Ramblers Association and other local walking groups have been contacted directly to ensure that ADRC have interpreted the statement correctly. We have also noted the local Greater Manchester partial lockdown regulations.

In light of the above statement it is the Club’s intention to begin our walking activities on Wednesday August 19th, and steps are already being taken by the relevant Walks Organisers to make his happen. The first full circular will eventually become available with details of all walks to take place in September, and again the Walks Organisers are currently working on a programme. The walks for the remainder of August will therefore be organised manually and without the benefit of a circular. For these walks you will be contacted directly by the leader(s) and the walks will be set up in line with the Open Up Guidance document – the latest version of which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

ADRC Open-Up Guidance Document 21.08.20



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