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Notice of Motion to Amend the ADRC Constitution

NOTICE OF MOTION to Amend the Constitution to Introduce a Force Majeure Clause
In accordance with Clause 9 of the ADRC constitution, I hereby give notice that on behalf of the Committee I will move the following motion to be adopted by the Members. As we are unable to ‘meet’ due to Covid restrictions, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club will be effected by a vote conducted on-line and via posted voting slips. Members whose votes are received by 6.00 pm on Monday, 23 November 2020 will have been deemed to have been present. The result will be determined by a simple majority.

Dear Member, your Committee has been struggling to keep ADRC walking and solvent. As we are unable to hold an AGM, your Committee has come to the unanimous conclusion that we urgently need to amend the constitution with the following addition. Please respond promptly to the motion as your urgent response is necessary to keep our Club functioning effectively.

That the constitution be amended by the addition of Clause 12 as follows:
“If during a period of Force Majeure, or other exceptional circumstances, over which the committee have no control, when an AGM or EGM cannot be held, the committee shall assume such authority as is required to manage the club on behalf of and for the benefit of the membership”.

Monica Beardmore
ADRC General Secretary
On behalf of the ADRC Committee

Please give your assent or dissent to the proposal by 6:00 p.m. Monday, 23 November 2020 via e-mail to mailto:monica68@uwclub.net

Note that if you are a couple who share the same e-mail address then please indicate on your e-mail reply the decision of each person.

Alternatively complete the tear of slip which is attached to the November circular and post it to the address provided. The November circular can now be viewed/downloaded from the “Members Area/Walks/Next Months Walks” page.

In order to save the General Secretary time and to reduce the overall workload  please keep your response to a simple – I AGREE / DISAGREE that the proposed amendment to the constitution be adopted. Thank you.

Please note that any votes received after 6.00pm Monday, 23 November 2020 will not be counted.

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