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Altrincham Station Meet-Up

Please Note:
The Committee are aware that some members are keen to meet up again at Altrincham Station in order to obtain a lift to the start point of a Club walk. Over the last 18 months or so, the Committee have taken the view that the risk of Covid -19 transmission and infection was too high and hence we recommended no meet up, and the majority of members supported this position. The Committee have discussed this matter again and have determined that we will revert to our old meet-up arrangement from 1st January ’22. The Committee however stresses, that this arrangement has to be entirely a personal decision for any driver and passenger(s), and the Club will not be responsible for the potential risk that remains. As always, there is no guarantee of a lift for those that turn up at the station. Until further notice, the walk booking system will remain in place.

Walk leaders please note that all on-line walk submissions for January ’22 walks and beyond now have an additional and optional field – “Meeting Time at Altrincham” – to complete. Non-on-line submissions will need to include this information should the leader(s) decide to go to the station meeting point prior to the walk.

Thank You.
ADRC Committee

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