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Walk Category Descriptions

Shown below are the current descriptions used to identify the specific category of a walk. These are provided to assist leaders in describing the level of difficulty of the walk that they are offering, and also to assist potential participants in understanding what will be involved in any walk that they are considering joining.

Category 1. “Challenging” – Numerous steep gradients and/or rough, difficult terrain.
Category 2. “Strenuous” – Some steep gradients and/or fairly rough terrain.
Category 3. “Moderate” – Moderate gradients and/or uneven terrain.
Category 4. “Easy”. May include some easy gradients, uneven paths, steps and stiles.
Combinations of the above.
Where combinations of the above are used this indicates that there will be some of each category during the walk and that, for example, if a walk is categorised as a 3/2, this indicates that the larger percentage of the walk will be category 3. If the walk is categorised as 2/3 then the larger percentage of the walk will be category 2.

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